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Anouther word for a nigger.
People that are black and that all they do is get money from Social Services and Welfare for babys that can't support for horingaround and they wounder why we support there black ass Jigaboo nigger asses!!!
#nigger #black basturd #speck #gese fucker #low life son of a bitch
by Scott Clary April 16, 2010
A bitch that is stick up and bitches for the sack of bitching sueing anyone that she can and geting the money and going to the bank with it.
Women on Judge Judy and Joe Brown blacks and whits alone that have nothing better to do than to bitch about the nabiors and people the come accross and people they work for too. We have teen snit bitches Jovinal Snit Bitch Old Snit Bitches And The Expert Snit Bitch!!!
#bitch #slut #hore #cunt #ass wipe
by Scott Clary April 16, 2010
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