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The pig of all pigs. This pig has the ability to destroy an army of 19000 of every species of the planet within half a second using the hair's on it's face as high powered lasers. It's filthy attitude makes it a very unpleasant creture to be around, excepting the fact that if you find it (which is a 1 in 383624892423908462390486 chance) it will give you the top 20000 things you want instantly. It also has the ability to travel between glaxies and universes using the fans on it's knees.
Stupid Child 1 - "What would you ask for from the emperor pig?"

Stupid Child 2 - "2000 Apples covered with custard"

Smart Child - "Don't ask me, im not stupid enough to list them all"
by Scott Blackburn January 04, 2007
Quite a hard weapon to explain. This weapon consists of a sabre sword, covered with shotguns facing in many directions. There are different versions of this weapon, the most common consisting of 50 shotguns on the sabre blade, but the legendary Shotgun Sabre of Holy Fire (Who thought of this name? Who knows) contains 50,000 shotguns on a 200ft sabre, but somehow weighing the same as a new born cat. Some people have stolen the name for a weapon which is a shotgun firing sabres, but thats just boring...
"I will use my Shotgun Sabre"

"You fool, no blade can peirce me!!!"

"No dumbass, your getting confused, ill be sending about 250,000 bullets into you!!!"
by Scott Blackburn January 08, 2007

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