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The Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, and honor. She presided over judicial affairs to maintain truth, justice, and honor in the judge's decisions. Her feather was weighed against the hearts of the deceased to decide whether they were good or evil, which in turn, would decide whether they went to heaven or hell.
When making the right decisions through out life, the right choice was said to be influenced by Ma'at.
by Scoot Ass March 25, 2007
Stands for: laughing my fucking ass off because your mom sucks cock in hell you dumb snatch.
Dumb Snatch: I totally slept with your boyfriend behind your back but since my mom just died you should have sympathy for me.

Down Ass Chick: Acually, I'm lmfaobymscihyds!
by Scoot Ass March 25, 2007

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