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1 definition by Scooby Tooby Doo

A joke that only a few people understand. They are annoying to people who don't know about it.
Me and my friends decided to make a list of all of ours within a week, we had 3 pages back and front xD
Here are some examples (no, I'm not gonna explain them o___o):

- Scooby Tooby Doo
- Bang on a drum
- BS sandwich
- Elle je tais-toi
- Cometh Backeth Juliet shakespeareanese

Okay. If you understand any of them, you are one of my friends who is really really really bored.
What do you mean this definition has too many blank lines in a row? D:
Clearbaby! xD
See? That is an inside joke cause you don't get it. YAY =)
by Scooby Tooby Doo April 02, 2007