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Any handicap stall equipped with its own personal sink in addition to the toilet. Will also generally contain a working latch, coat hook, graffiti-free walls, a jump seat for a child or little friend to hang with you, baby change table that can be handy for doing paperwork on, bars for you to rest your head on for a nap, and a toilet paper dispenser with a wide flat top; perfect for stowing your cell phone. Great for relaxing, getting texts out, and of course, comfortable potty business.
by Sci Fi Wasabi May 11, 2010
Bathroom stall that is so narrow you can only enter and exit in the same direction since the walls and layout prevent turning around. The true mark of a toilet booth is placement of the toilet paper dispenser in such a manner as to prevent a proper forward arc for comfortable wiping. Much like its communications related cousin the phone booth, which generally are missing the phone books, most of these will lack toilet paper.

Trademarks of a worthy toilet booth also include: Graffiti; many times aimed at the expense of the store which provides said booth, or will include phone numbers, gang affiliation scribbles and of course the ubiquitous dirty poem and/or sexuality references; broken latch and/or a door with a sizable and very viewable gap between it and the wall (many of these face sinks so that hand washers can check you out inside while looking in the mirror), old holes where other latches have been forcibly removed, no coat hook, a wonderful, claustrophobic, straight-jacketed feeling from shoulders being pressed to the walls and the occasional oddity such as an empty condom wrapper or part of a newspaper.
by Sci Fi Wasabi May 12, 2010
The tendency to fade people out of your life that do not own a computer or do not utilize email and/or social network sites.

Can also mean to ignore emails or messages from friends whom you communicate primarily via computer.

Also cybershunning, cybershunned.
Random Example Guy: Do you facebook or have email?
Other Person: No
REG: Well maybe I will bump into you again on the street someday

Bystander: Ooooo, cybershun in tha house!
by Sci Fi Wasabi May 14, 2010

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