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2 definitions by Schneppleupagus


The guilty party who chooses to remain in silence when their act is uncovered by the vicitm

2. Often the cause of extreme irritation by cohabitants or cowrokers
Me- said to 2 roommates :
"Wonderwho ate the last piece of pizza..."

Roommates: ".............. not me..............."

Me "well it didnt eat itself.... *@%!..."
by Schneppleupagus October 05, 2010
The phenomenom in which a person is inexplicably alert upon waking but soon falls into a sleepy stupor.
This morning I woke up 30 mins before the alarm and was so alert that I could not fall back asleep and now...
I am so re-tired i will need a caffine enema to make it to lunch.
by Schneppleupagus October 05, 2010