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2 definitions by Schneidermeister

A revolver cartridge designed in the 1920s with the .38 as base. At that time it was the only bullet that could penetrate the bulletproof vests of the time. The bullet is 0,357 inch(or just about 9 mm.)wide. It packs a vey nice punch, you feel a bit like Dirty Harry when you fire it (even though he uses the .44 magnum, which is just about twice as powerful). Personally, I prefer firing it in one hand - which i do with all revolvers and semi-automatcs. This means I never hit anything XD
It's the most powerfull handgun cartridge you'r allowed to shoot with in Denmark, where I live. I personally own a Smith & Wesson m.27, which is a relatively common piece in this caliber. General George Patton had the same one. He called it his 'Killing gun'. Obviously he's was a bit more pimped than mine, with mother-of-pearl grips and all that pretty stuff.
It is your place in life to fear my .357 magnum.
by Schneidermeister May 18, 2007
A rather big cartridge used mainly for hunting, but also in some custom assult rifles in use with some special forces and in Magnum Research's BFR (Biggest, Finest Revolver, red.). It has been credited for taking down anything from racoons to wild boars and grizly bears - and suicide bombers.
It makes a very hefty sound.
Honestly, I don't wanna get shot with a .50 Beowulf - even if i was inside a Humwee
by Schneidermeister June 16, 2007