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An unimaginative story the centers around a girl named Bella Swan who falls in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire. The main characters are practically 2-dimensional with their lack of personality and the plot is ripped off from many vampire romance novels from the past, all were better written.

Teenage girls everywhere have fallen in love with the book for only one thing: Edward Cullen. They seem to think he's real and the sexiest man alive... when, to be frank, he's quite a ways from it.

People are changing their names all across America to something Twilight-related and kids are selling out their lives to read the terrible story for the 14th time.
"I love Twilight!"
-Whiny fan girl

"Why can't you be like Edward in my Twilight books?"
-Girl breaking up with her boyfriend because he isn't like a fictional vampire

"Twilight sucks ass."
-said by anyone with half a brain.
by Schmuck of the Irish September 12, 2009

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