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A sub-human species. These people are the scum of the earth, the have no knowledge of anything intellectual, interesting or remotely smart.

Chavs in particular like to hang around on the street doing nothing but scaring poor innocent scene and emo kids, as well as gentle old ladies and gents, who would never have dreamt at this young age, of behaving in such an unsocial manner, as they knew they would get the beating of their lifetimes.

Chavs, as we know, have no moral backbone. They tend to do nothing but swear like they have Tourettes, making up stupid sayings (See examples below).
Chavs are given too much liberty, and this must be stopped. They are corrupting today's and the futures youth.

The government and Gordon Brown take too lightly, if not at all, on this situation. This is why we must also vote out Labour, and in with a party who can lead this country into being a well balanced, criminal free country.

Chavs like to think they own the place. If you go onto any estate, anywhere in England, you will find a chav.

Just so long as you know, chav is no longer a stereotype.
It is a CULT.
These chavs practice the art of CHAVS, which is to beat people up, scare and harrass the public, and loiter about, as they have nothing better to do apart from getting ASBOs and setting things like bins on fire.

Thanks for taking you time to read my definition on the scum of the earth we call CHAVS.

(Vote out labour.)

Typical chav expressions:
"Are you dizzy, blad?"
"oh, yeah, mate, I'll fucking merk you, you best watch out." and so on.

Chavs dress in the following:
McKenzie tracksuits and jackets, which to the touch, feel like a plastic bag;
Anything Burberry;
Chains and baseball caps;
K-Swiss trainers;
And many more.

If you have noticed today's chavs, you will see they are gradually becoming ashamed of their appearance, as most of them are starting to wear the type of clothing scene and emo kids like to wear, however, not adopting the behaviour of the above mentioned scene and emo kids.

They have also decided they would take advantage of accessorie fashion; e.g. shag bands. At one time, particularly "in" with scene and emo kids, went out of fashion, then became "in" again. Chavs began to say "Give us a shag band. Please."
To which the defenceless kids gave in, as they do not want to be beaten up by other kids with ASBOs.
by SceneKidLovesMuse. <3 December 22, 2008

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