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Scene hair is user defined. There is no set way to look or dye your hair. there are but only guidelines. One of the key guidelines is that you don't have to match. you can wear a purple shirt with pink pants and neon yellow sweater under the shirt. The more contrasting the better in some cases.

Some of these guidelines entail that you grow out the front of your hair so your bangs cover your eye(s). You also dye your hair and put bright colors, solid or partial, in the bangs, the fringe, or in the underside of your hair.

some of the guidelines that are specific to girls are: You wear bows and hair clips mostly for the look rather than to hold your hair up and back. you wear anything that makes you stick out such as a Tu-Tu. Wear big retro glasses if you want to.

Someguidelines that are more slanted towards guys are as follows. you can do anything with your hair but it is usually going to be kept shorter than a girls scene hair style.

To conclude, all you have to do in essence is be yourself and have fun with it.
Some examples of Scene Hair styles can be seen in bands such as:

Metro Station, The Medic Droid, and the Maine.

Other than that browse through, www.photobucket.com, google images, and other scene/emo hairstyle blogs and/or sites.,

Scene Hair,
by Scene sensability October 03, 2008

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