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emo girls: wear skinny jeans , die their hair sometime, use a straightener most of the time, has a emo haircut; making their hair look feathery and poofy useing a razor to cut most of their hair, like to listen to punk music like the bands like black veil brides ect, wear dark black eyeliner.

I do/am: i am emo I AM NOT a homo i dont like girls that way i find girls who do kinda weird ... i wear skinny skinny jeans i wear tight shirts with band names on them i love wearing dark black makeup, i love hanging out with my ture friends i have a emo haircut; a frinage feathery poofy haircut, i am getting my cartliage pireced i dont dye my hair but my hair is nautarl blech blonde i have long extensions, i do cut , but not all emo people do, i am a really nice girl if u get to know me i usaually dont say the first word when i met a person but i will if i like them and want to get to know them, i am 13 years old and i love who i am! some people dont and they bully me this is why i have become emo it got so bad ... remeber when u bully it may look like your not hurting them but u r..... if u dont have any thing good to say dont say anything!
look a the emo girl listening to black veil brides with her non-emo girls
by Scene/emoqueen July 22, 2011

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