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When the take-aways are not finished and become left-overs for later consumption.
I'm going to eat the rest of the Chinese left-aways for dinner tonight.
#leftaways #left aways #take-overs #take-aways #left-overs
by Scarlett.007 January 05, 2009
The state of being past manic craziness.
Louise is so panicked about making a good impression on her new boyfriend's mother, she has not only washed every window , polished every kitchen utensil and ironed the curtains, she's now scrubbing the bathroom with a toothbrush! She's in a total state of hypercrazia.
#craziness #manic #anxiety #frenzy #over the top
by Scarlett.007 February 07, 2010
Fear of disabled people or disability
He was yet another politician suffering from Crippophobia and refused to speak with me or even shake my hand in case my disability was contagious.
#(crippled) #(cripps) #(cripplephobia) #(disabled) #(disability) #(ableist)
by Scarlett.007 October 04, 2012
Fear of becoming disabled
He has a severe case of Cripplephobia; if he gets a scratch on his leg he's sure it's getting gangrenous and will need amputation, and if his vision is blurred after a heavy night on the booze, he's sure his retinas have detached and he's going blind.
#(crippled) #(cripps) #(disabled) #(crippophobia) #(phobia) #(fear)
by Scarlett.007 October 04, 2012
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