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Audreys are always stunningly gorgeous. She can be bossy at times but that can be a good thing. She always knows what to say and will stand up for her friends. She's hardcore and is usually the one to start a statement. Her friends are girls AND boys and she treats them all equally. She can usually find herself falling back in love with the same person she once fell in love with. She just wants to find the right guy. When it comes to music her taste is off the charts! And her clothes are always gonna make you turn your head and look with awe. Shes thin but her butt and thighs are to die for. Every girl wishes she was an Audrey.
Guy1: Woah I think I'm in love.
Guy2: Seriously? With who?
Guy1: Audrey, I couldn't stop staring at her!
Guy2: Hey there calm down!
Guy1: Do you think she'd ever fall for me?
Guy2: I think she'd fall for you twice.
Audrey: Hi guys.
Guy1: I love you Audrey!
Audrey: I-I love you too.
by Scarecrow44 December 05, 2010

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