16 definitions by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee)

A cuter word for stomache...mostly used to call a babies stomache or your significant other.
Aww...wook at the cute little tummy!!!
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
Scandalously delicious.
Don't I look totally scandalicious in this mini skirt?
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
Baby talk for...SILLY.
You're so siwwy baby...I wuv you.
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) May 11, 2003
A kissy noise.
Matthew: I love you baby...mwha.
Jo-Dee: I love you too...lots!!! Mwha.
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
Word used to call a slutty girl that cannot walk sexy in high heels, or refer to her feet. Seriously...if you can't walk in them, refrain from wearing them! Geez!
Hunny...learn to walk, you have slut feet.
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
The face you or the person you're talking to gets right before they say "but" after some really great news...but, then the but comes, and that cannot possibly be anything good.
"I want to marry you..."
"Oh no...you have but-face!"
"But I don't want to have kids for a long time."
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
When you just know your boyfriend/girlfriend's about to call, and youknow when something's wrong with them, and you can finish each other's sentences.
We're so cute...we have couple esp.
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003

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