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Verb: To Freud, -ed, -ing

To render an object as either a representation of a penis or a vagina.

Originating from the Austrian psychologist: Sigmund Freud. Freud is known for being the father of modern psychology due to his then-revolutionary studies of psychoanalysis and the development of the concepts of id, ego, superego, Oedipus complex, etc.. However, he is conventionally known for his emphasis on the underlying effect of sex. In his interpretations of dreams, almost anything was either a vagina or a penis.
Psychoanalyst: So what do you remember?
Patient: Uh, a bucket.
Psychoanalyst: Ok, so that is a vagina.
Patient: Wait, did you just Freud my bucket?
Psychoanalyst: Anger, indicating sexual frustration.

Student 1: See that pencil? It's a penis. That desk, with it's little cubby? A vagina. Your ruler is a penis too. Your shoes are vaginas.
Student 2: Stop Freuding my shit.
by Sawbones of Society November 21, 2011

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