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Person of small intelligence, slow of mind. Like the moron who posted a definition of "alot" and said it was a real word!

Ever see a definition that is completely accurate with lots of thumbs up, but for no good reason has a couple of thumbs down? Yep, a moron dunit.
Moron: Alot, w00t and pwned are reel wurds do0d, i u$3 dEm all da t1Me!!1

Non-moron: Thats because you are a moron.
by Saviour of the real November 29, 2005
1. Bollocks. Rubbish. Not worth a fuck.

2. The bass player of Guns n' Roses, 10 Minute Warning, Velvet Revolver
1. I cant play that duff guitar you bought, its the cheapest lump of shit I've ever seen!

I was late for work again because my duff old Ford Fiesta broke down again!

2. Uh, well... Duff McKagan plays bass.
by Saviour of the real January 19, 2007

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