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1. a nickname for Shamu
2. one currently under the impression that she is dating a rather tall boy, too bad it is in fact it is VERY over
3. also known as a lawn gnome
4. one who is obsessed with myspace
5. a poser who swipes everyone elses layouts, lyrics, etc
6. possibly a childhood star in Steven King's Cat's Eye
7. one who despises melons with jealousy
8. one who has more rolls than a bakery
9. one who is mistaken in thinking that she is attractive and well-liked
10. one who is very ample
11. sink or float is not an issue
12. seafoam green, how ironic; it is not slimming! next time try black to hide the waves
Who let shammy out of the ocean? not me.
The spokesperson for travelocity is Shammy.
Shammy needs to send food to the starving children in Ethiopia.
Shammy bowls with a Frog who cannot spell Ethiopia.
Mirrors worldwide fear Shammy.
You are looking quite shammy tonight, go on Weight Watchers.
Warner Bros misnamed their movie, it really should have been Free Shammy.
What a great line; watch out or Shammy might jack it.
by Save a Whale July 26, 2006

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