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1.AKA Water Dog. a big aquatic salamander.
2.Most commonly used to describe a person who loves mud and motocross.

mud puppy is not a term used to describe sluts of any kind.
1. The scientists studied the mudpuppies.

2. (referring to an off-road trail or motocross track) any mud puppy would love it here!
by Savannah M May 30, 2008
A popular naval piercing among sluts and non-sluts alike who get this piercing because they think that it is cool.
It does not send a sexual message but can get annoying for one or more of the following reasons:
1. it gets infected easily and stays that way
2. if it has parts that dangle they could easily get caught in one's pants or any objects set on one's lap. This really hurts.
3. if one does not buy a tight ball it will fall out.
4. months after it has been pierced it may still close up in a day when taken out.
5. it might rust.
Shelly was excited about her belly ring at first but after it had fallen out 3 times and she accidentally ripped out the dangling bits when they got caught in her pants she thought of it as a royal pain in the ass.
by Savannah M May 30, 2008

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