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1. disease of the scrotum. 2. mystery disease symptoms of the junk after banging out a possible dirty chick 3. A Person that is such a pussy that they surpass the meaning of pussy on the pussy scale and advance to the ultimate platform - scrotumotis! 4. The biggest dork on the planet.
Will must suffer from scrotumotis because he is rowing like vagina!

This scrotumotis is the biggest bitch I have ever seen, lets make fun of him some more!

Dude: After I banged out that chick last month my junk just hasn't been looking the same.
Suggs: whats wrong with it?
Dude: Its all discolored and shit.
Suggs: Bummer - its probably scrotumotis. Lets go drink
#pussy #scrunch #dork #vaginitis #poon
by Savage Suggs August 22, 2008
A scrotum with balls in it.
Who the hell invited fuckin' jason? That kid is such a chach-bag!
#scrunch #dickbag #meathog bundle #nuts #ballbag
by Savage Suggs August 22, 2008
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