17 definitions by Saturn's problem child

1. Loud, fast rock music that is typically aggressive and anarchic

2. Anyone who listens to said music and loves moshing, skating (sometimes), and just being themselves. And who HATE fascism!
1. I don't listen to emo, I listen to punk day and night. Rock on!

2. Shut your punk ass up!
I don't take offense to that. Don't you see the Mohawk and the studs? Damn right I'm a punk! FUCK FASCISM!
#rock #mosh #anarchy #fascism #metal
by Saturn's Problem Child February 17, 2008
The General Manager of SmackDown!
"Holla holla holla!"

-Theodore Long
#smackdown #wwe #holla #general manager #wrestling
by Saturn's Problem Child February 17, 2008
1. Anyone who is an official student at Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC.

2. The mascot of Livingstone College
You know you want to be a blue bear, but you can't, cuz you ain't got no blue!
#livingstone #quiet storm #bear #college #school
by Saturn's Problem Child February 15, 2008
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