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1 definition by Sati Singh

Your everyday, typical bawbag.You may find a chav graffitying AYT or YTG. Although they think they are little gangsters the Triads would have their eggrolls for lunch. They carry weapons as a means of self defense some of which can be easily obtained in a domestic household. A favourite weapon for the chavs would be the machete, although deadly the chavs pretend they are Jackie Chan and severely injure themselves (stupid assholes).
A typical chav has huge ears, a fucked up nose and are as smart as a... wait sorry i dont want to offend the mule.
They wear shellsuits (usually Lacoste) to 'leg it fae the police' Berghauses and north face jackets.
A few chav quotes-'ecstasee sets me free' 'AYT in your area' 'you boozin thenight' and many others.
by Sati Singh January 10, 2005
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