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a kick ass group from the cheese rectum of wisconsin...aka...plymouth...with nothing better to bitch about except girls that use them for rides and for an image that theyre "punk"...They sound like abortion hitting the floor...but thats in a good way...This band WILL change music for ever...
"Safer Than Heaven just played another kickass show on only one practice."

"Safer Than Heaven is the greatest band ever."

"Safer Than Heaven gives me such a great image that I'm Punk,"AC and DH

"Love Safer Than Heaven, or DIE"
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
thieme, themesauce, a newb at halo...but hes on the rise...usually runs with the crew of..OHOOMIS, SPANK LICK, AND MANK...watch out
Holy Shit!...Wad Slap just ran the flag back for a score, and now hes number one on the score list...even though he hasnt killed anyone...
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
spank lick
wad slap
colin fitzpatrick...his codename for HALO...usually runs with OHOOMIS, SPANK LICK (THE CLIT), and WAD SLAP...
also the weakest link of the crew...
Mank just ripped you a new asshole...and hes a newb
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
a girl that may change her mind and or feelings about you many times in a very short period of time...she may also steal your best friend, or your best friend may steal her from you...who knows...alisha
dorries online and shes being a bitch

man dorrie keeps playing with my head...idk what to do anymore...oh yeah..there she goes in my best friends car...i wave...they give me the finger...cool...
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
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