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Associated with Wiz Khalifa, originally Taylor Gang or Die. Basically saying that your only options are to be a part of Taylor Gang or have something really bad happen to you. Now it's turned into a contest to see who was the worst second option in replacement of die.
Taylor Gang or get fadunked by a fat asian kid.
Taylor Gang or get a handjob from Edward Scissorhands.
Taylor Gang or make awkward eye contact with your male doctor who is conducting a prostate check.
by Satan's Offspring December 11, 2010
Excuse which generally goes without questioning when someone playing Call of Duty messes up, misses a shot, or gets totally embarrassed.
Kid: Hahaha dude you're so bad.
Me: Shut up I lagged.
Kid: Oh my bad.
by Satan's Offspring March 26, 2011
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