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The female participant is laying completely nude, face down, and is handcuffed to each of the four bed posts.
The male stands nude on the bed located between the females feet with a full erection. He raises his hands and shimmies his fingers about(Representing tree limbs and leaves) and Shouts, "TIMBER!" After shouting, he falls(belly flop style) face first into the back of the female firmly planting his fallace into the females anal canal. This maneuver is done with the female laying face down to heighten the level of surprise. Attempt at your own risk! This can leave your man parts in tatters if done incorrectly.

This maneuver was invented while dining at Dennie's and tested later that evening.
I gave Astronut one wicked Lumberjack Slam! That kid won't be walking for a month!
by Sasquatch Alpha and ColBeck April 27, 2005

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