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A drunken person who acts like a retard. A drunken retard.
Wow, is that guy shit-housed, hes acting like a total drunkard.

Before he was drunk, he was a normal retard, now hes a drunkard.
by Sarmen Sinanian April 11, 2006
The god of all noobs in the universe.
Wow, that guy i just played in cs was like anoobis or something.
by Sarmen Sinanian April 07, 2006
Find, fuck, and forget.
Dude, I am gunna do an FFF tonight.
by Sarmen Sinanian April 12, 2006
A phrase i created that means a girl who is flat on both side(no boobs or ass) and is very skinny.
"Woah, Amber is such a 2 by 4."
by Sarmen Sinanian February 18, 2006
A verb that means you want someone to send you the link to a website.
Link me to the site man.
by Sarmen Sinanian May 29, 2006
To leave somewhere. To exit. To "jet". To "make like a tree and leaf". The act of creating vacancy.
"Do it or vacate"
"Lets vacate"
by Sarmen Sinanian October 17, 2006
a way to say "the shit" without sounding like a complete faggot and mainstreamer
"I'm the business"

"Get out of the way guys, here comes THE BUSINESS"
by Sarmen Sinanian October 06, 2006

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