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A religion that meets on Thursdays.
~Church Rules~
You have to have a cat to be a member of this church.
For communion there's eggnog and Christmas cookies.
The Twilight books (by Stephenie Meyer)are the Holy Books.
You will be burnt at the stake if you own a
dog or anything besides cats.
You MUST own a Dane Cook shirt.
Sarah: Do you own a dog?
Random person: Yea, why?
Sarah: It's going to hell along with the birds and the scorpions.
Random person: Umm...OKAY
Sarah: Merry Christmas from The United Holy Church of Santa!!!! *twitch twitch*
Random persom: What the @%^# *walks away wondering if she has tourettes or something*
by Sarah and Morgan December 15, 2008
A phrase that you say when your little brother has pissed himself at the park.
(on phone)
Sarah: Jess, you have to come pick up Josh.
Jess: Why?
Sarah: He just pissed himself.
Jess: Ok. I'm on my way.
Sarah: Bring pants
by Sarah and Morgan December 16, 2008

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