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A trashy, classless, lisping, peurtorican hoe, generally named Maria, that deserves to be mung jumped (see Mung Jumping) Pooparicans are typically poopy, inside and out. It is normally apparent that they cannot afford to shower, as their hair is greasy, and teeth are the same color as there skin (poop colored) and their facial features are smushed together into the center of their face. (example Jay Leno)

WARNING POOPARICANS ARE TOXIC, if you come into contact with one, IMMEDIATELY douse yourself with anti-bacterial soap, and take a trip to the clinic to get an HIV test!

Work Experience: basically looking like shit (no pun intended), spreading STD's to numerous men in one night, and some prostitution.

How to spot a pooparican: LOOK IN THE TOILET!
SK: Maria's skin is the color of poop
LA: Yeah, I know she's a Pooparican
by Sarah and Lucy February 26, 2008
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