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Basilmarket is a website in which you can ask questions and bid for auctions and talk to others about MapleStory. However, most of basilmarket is a crude, insane place where idoits and 10 year olds roam for a living. Most people on BasilMarket are Attention Hors who cannot live life, and have a extremely low IQ. BasilMarket should only be used for literate people and for auctions, not for idoits. The owner "Mr.Basil" and mods should definitely conclude to stricter rules and more permenant bans.
AznSeal: omg guys look at me im so cool
SnuffliePuff: i hate my life boohoo
Random Person: u phail, its over 9000, i herd u liek mudkipz, im so 1337 guyz
Random Person2: BasilMarket rockzzzz, i flame u all, haha nibz
paulpker121: paulpker121 is not amused.
Ang3licSword: You guys need a life. -_-
by Sarah Ramirez February 24, 2008
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