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a name commonly used by punk rock kids. When the last name isn't hardcore enough, a stage name is used. Usually used with alliteration. A new first name can be added for effect.
Usually punk kids go through a few different names before settling on one that fits right. You get TO THE MAX points for it being earned.
If desired, both first and last name may be replaced with one single name.
Examples of stage names: Myke Massakre, Brendon Boycott, Sarah Notorious, Arwen Apathy, Adam Catastrophe, Vomit, Scientist, etc.

Example of earning a stage name: Matt Chaos causes chaos wherever he goes; he deserves the name "Matt Chaos"
by Sarah Notorious September 17, 2006
another term for grandparents
Jay: I'm goin to my g-units' house for Christmas.
Paul: straight.
by Sarah Notorious September 21, 2006

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