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Slang for the combination of blood, semen, and feces. Usually occurring after anal sex (straight or gay).
Don't sit on that futon, man. It's covered in Holy Trinity.
by Sapid Paean January 14, 2009
1. When something goes terribly wrong that had exceptionally high expectations associated with it.
2. Being bummed out or depressed by a disappointment or anticlimax.
3. Wanting something and not getting it or getting an inferior version of it.
4. An anticlimax, a letdown
5. Defeat
"Hey, Lunchbox what's wrong? You seem really down and out today."
"Oh man, there's this girl I really like and I thought she was into me too, but she just soaked my sandwich."

"This deal went south and it just soaked my sandwich."

"Yo man, you're like a brother to me, and then you treat me like that, you just soaked my sandwich"

"Yeah, dude, the party was on, and then the cops showed and everybody dropped it, . . . it just soaked my sandwich real bad."
by Sapid Paean January 15, 2009
when a car that someone had sex in is left with sexual residues, like snail trails and cum stains, on the seats, carpets, door panels, steering wheel, stick shift, etc.
Jason: I just banged my girlfriend in this car at a cemetery. Look, there's still cum stains on the back seat.
Marco: Awe man, you're disgusting. Let me out of this sloppy jalopy.
by Sapid Paean January 28, 2009
When one girl is sucking on a guy's left nut, a second girl is sucking his right nut and a third girl is sucking on the guy's cock.
Marco: Hey lunchbox, check out those three hotties!
Lunchbox: Oh yeah! I'd love to get it on tricycle style with those bitches.
by Sapid Paean February 03, 2009

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