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A rabid Twilight fan that has the intellectual capacity of a squash.
If that twitard had any brains at all she'd not like that book half so much.
by San Hitalsuru May 23, 2009
Used to indicate something or someone is amazing in some way, or to convey admiration for a person. Can be used sarcastically.

Synonymous with "Best thing since sliced bread."
Man, as far as she's concerned he might as well have hung the moon in the sky.

Ask any primus fan: Les Claypool hung the moon in the sky.
by San Hitalsuru August 02, 2009
Someone who either has reddish hair or freckles or both, but isn't a true ginger. Strawberry blond or auburn are demi ginger.
She has a huge thing for demi gingers, more so than other boys.
For some reason it seemed as though all the boys she hung out with were demi gingers
by San Hitalsuru January 31, 2010

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