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A small-hick-town full of ignorance,closed-mindedness,and Homophobes.Greenville,North Carolina is a rude town.very uptight.very snobby.and Anti-Gay towards openly-Gay people.the Flamboyant types of Gay.G-vegas hates Anything thats different from there small-town sheltered values.Shit on that!the Queers that live in G-vegas hate "Real" Gays like me from San Francisco,California.The Gays here are scary-ass punks.Your average small-town shit talkers.The Gays here even act funny.this small-town lacks style,freedom,open-mindedness,they lack in many things.theres more to life than G-vegas.they don't have a down-town,they don't even know what a down town is.It's dead-ass-boring.full of stupid college closet-cases.SHIT ON THIS!
G-vegas:Greenville is a Anti-Gay little town.Full of undercover in-the-closet Homosexuals,Lame snonny-ass college kids,a very sorry-ass preppy Punk/Goth Scene,your average small-town Country-ass Preppy,They hate hard-core Gays,Punks,Goth,or anything thats different.
by San Francisco's Haight street January 15, 2009

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