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noun - pepperoni that has been inserted into one's anus.

Dominos: What would you like on your pizza?
Jasper: Analroni plz.
Dominos: One analroni pizza, be there in 30 mins.
by Samurai - Anji September 05, 2007
1) Suffering from symptoms making one both cranky and temperish, such as an old man.

2) The enjoyment of having fingers stuck up the anus.
1) "Ever since he caught LaPlantism he just sits on his porch and yells at kids as they walk by."

2) Nani Donut: "I heard you had fingers up your butt."
The Dress-Code Bear: "LaPlantism"
Nani Donut: (in a sad tone) "LaPlantism indeed."
by Samurai - Anji May 07, 2007
1) Orally pleasing a woman while she is taking a dump and having her period.

2) Eating bricks with ketchup or tomato sauce.

3) Having a blood feast of pussy and poop.
"Hey i earned my rights as a vampire and a brown-chin"

"Oh dude you bloody brick eater son of a gun"

"Yeah Dawg. Oh by the way your mom says hi"
by Samurai - Anji April 23, 2008
Waffles made from dogs or from the school cafeteria... whichever comes first.
me: WTF BBQS4UC3 is this?
lunch lady: Dogwaffle.
me: delicious?
by Samurai - Anji April 16, 2007
1) The act of orally pleasing a woman while she is taking a dump.
2)Someone who engages or acts in the celebration of eating bricks.
"I heard Johnny is a brick eater"

"Happy National Brick Eating Day"
by Samurai - Anji April 23, 2008
1) One who eats Cake, either on a regular occasion or on rare events or anywhere in between.
Oh dude don't invite the cake eater to your birthday party, all your cake will be eaten.
by Samurai - Anji April 23, 2008

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