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1.A general term of abuse aimed at Chavs.
Of course a Chav would not see Chav as an insult.
Whether or not 'Scum' is insulting is unlikely.

2. A website about Chavs.
Person1: "You're Chav Scum!"

Chav: "You startin'?!"
by Samuel SP October 10, 2005
1. The term C.h.a.v may be an abbreviation of the phrase 'Council House And Violent' due to the original concept that 'Chavs' came from poorer run down areas with a notorious rate of crime and violence.
2. Chav now generally has a broader meaning as many wealthier people who didn't leave in council accomedation chose to join the Chav culture. For example, wealthy folks from Essex.
3. In many places, Chavs however are considered an underclass of people that good and decent people try to avoid when crossing the street or resent having to deal with in the first place.
4. Another reason society has a strong dislike of Chavs, is the fact that many white Chavs are notoriously racist against people of Asian or African extraction; despite the fact that many of these same white Chavs idolise African American rap or hip hop artists such 50 Cent or Snoop Doggy Dogg. For this reason some people describe "Chavs" as "white trash". Of course it is also worth pointing out that Chavs do not necessarily have to be white. Chavs also have a fondness for Spanish properties.
A vaguer description of a Chav could also be...
5. Someone who has an obscene amount of jewellary on.
6. Someone who has a fondness for Burberry and basebal caps.
7. A person with a fondness for Big Macs or TK Maxx.
Chav. Chavism. Chav Culture, Chavish, Chav-like.

by Samuel SP October 09, 2005
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