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yeyo; frank; bugar sugar; white; nose candy; lump; bumps; I think you get the idea
I used to fuck with white, but man that shit sucks. It tears your ass apart, you can't fuckin' sleep and you feel like shit the next day. All of the above can be overlooked if you get it for free.
by Sampson Simpson February 11, 2004
Originally born from the premise of baby batter, Naise is short for Man-naise. Recently, it has been discovered that this term is great for pissing off a particularly racist, socially-inept german.

Prefixes: Flo-; Bolo-; Man-
When the German walks in the room, I love to yell NAISE!!!
by Sampson Simpson February 09, 2004
gray, scaly, nasty-ass psoriosis scabs
"Young Motor" Crumb has some barnacles on his ashy-ass elbows. Just playing JS; don't beat me up.
by Sampson Simpson February 11, 2004

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