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A baby/young nigger. Niglets are niggers havent quite learned the skills that they will need to survive in the streets...e.g:

gang beating
smoking drugs
running from the police
eating fried chicken
verbal slang
muders or white women.

A niglet will evolve into the more aggressive and dangerous state "nigger".

To spot a niglet: These little tar juniors gather in packs/gangs in poor and moneyless areas..usualy council run areas or drug towns. They are rather vicious and scrappy..but they can be easily over come by a spray of water in the face or a rope around the neck. Niglets may be carrying a gun or knife..possibly a knuckle duster but niglets rarely use hand to hand combat unless in its gang.

WARNING:If you smell fried chicken,drugs fumes,gun powder or filth..there may be a niglet or its nigger sibling lurking in the shadows..totally invisible to the naked eye..a silent killer!
w.1"Good day fellow human"
w.2"Why hello there friend"

*A small figure emerges from the shadowy depth of a door way.*

n.1"oi honkeys gimme yaw fuckin wallets befow i busa cap in yaw ass"

w.1"tut tut what a dumb niglet"
by Samon X January 24, 2007
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