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The act of sucking a distinguished man's penis.
Monica Lewinsky was really juicing cigars in the white house.
by Sammybammy bo bammy June 22, 2006
Pass The Sac....a fun party game for sacs of all sizes,………who will be the first to fill their sac………..Don’t spill the Sac.
Quick, jump on that idea and get a patent going before someone else does…………
Pass the Sac game is for couples. That makes it much more fun. I would imagine the team with the most in their sac would win but would their be any rewards for the wieners?

--"Honey we got to practice up for the big Pass the Sac tournament this weekend"
--"You better start drinking a lot of fluids so we can win at Pass the Sac."
--"I gave it my best shot but just could not pull out a win at Pass the Sac."
More Testimonials:
--“I went to a party the other night and who would have thought I could have had so much fun, my partner spilled his sac all over everyone.”
--“If you thought a sac race was fun you haven’t lived until you play Pass The Sac, more fun than a barrel full of screaming monkeys.”
by Sammybammy bo bammy June 15, 2006
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