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A scene kid is a male or female (Usually aged between 13 and 18) who dress usually in bright colours,children's tee's,bands shirts and skinny jeans.

They normally have Black or Platinum Blonde hair filled with unnaturally coloured streaks,coon stripes,leopard prints,extensions or Chunks of bright colors.

Girls will normally wear foundation,Very thick eyeliner,Neon eyeshadow,Skinny jeans,Tutu's,Stockings,Band shirts and Childrens clothing.

Boys will normally wear thick eyeliner or no makeup,Skinny jeans,band shirts,Hoodies and Childrens tops.

They are ALWAYS adorbale looking and they like to say things like 'Rawr','KthnxBaii' and 'Your teh sex!' as well as 'Bang,Bang' and 'Lets fuck'.

They are generally sweet,outgoing and funny. It is pretty easy to pick out a poser.

They are almost always dating another cute scenekidd or soemtimes even an emo.
They love Bows,Hello Kitty,Pokemon,Cheerios,Coco Pops and other random/cute things.

They generally love Zui Suicide,Jac Vanek,Kiki Kannibal,Audrey Kitching,Jeffree Star and other SCENE QUEENS.
Hii Baybee
Are we goiing to teh music festival toonight?!?
Yesh,OF COURSE,I mean FFTL is playingg!
Laterr,Rememberr your teh sex!

(Actual conversation between two Scene Kids)
by SammyShotgunXX April 06, 2009

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