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When you are taking an amphetamine like Adderall and then smoke Marijuana later. This produces a mental experience characterized with:

1.) Open and free thought.
2.) Detailed and deep thought.
3.) Euphoria.

Your mileage may vary based on your basal mental capacity and current mental state; but in general, you will find that the content of your speech could best be described as witty and profound at the same time.

You should only take Madderall on weekends, vacations or in the late afternoon after you are done with professional obligations. Marijuana combined with Adderall produces a cerebral effect where you might feel that you are using a much higher percentage of your brain's sensory and processing ability. Adderall causes you to take in a high volume of information at an abnormally fast rate while marijuana allows you to process this information a deeper and more creative level.

In essence, marijuana negates one of the biggest draw backs of Adderall, the loss of creativity.
Madderall's effects are most useful in social settings where people are not socially reserved or conservative. Around people who appreciates wit and openness, a person taking Madderall will flourish and win over crowds.

Biggest Risk: Carelessness due to not paying enough attention to the details of your physical surroundings. Possible forgetfulness manifesting itself in losing your keys, cell phone, or wallet.

At risk population: People with certain psychiatric imbalances, particularly those with depression or manic-depressive disorder, should take greater caution since Adderall on it's own may induce a manic episode; the pot doesn't help...
by SammeeMosch January 19, 2010
1. To go into an environment and be the highest-value person in the room. This term does not just apply to small social settings but is limitless in scale and magnitude.

2. To have complete power over an environment, especially in social settings.

Owning shit is often not easy and often causes animosity from people who are not currently owning shit; however, you know you truly own shit when those same people cannot help but like you.
Michael Jordan owned shit on the basketball court.

Brad Pitt can walk into just about any room full of women and own shit.

Alpha Males are respected because they are owning shit.
by SammeeMosch January 19, 2010

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