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Samegame (also known as Gamesame, The Almighty Samegame, and Steve) is a genious of an invertibrate that moves by means of temporary ascentions and decentions called bounds, and is well-known as a representative of the Legion of Locks. The word Samegame is variously used to refer to it and its close relatives, now grouped as the Samegai (saym guy), or to all Locks that move using bounds, otherwise termed bouncers.

A Samegame itself is found in your anus, typically on decaying seminal resedue from the genitals of a human, but is otherwise found in salt water, specifically in deep sea caverns. However, because of the ease with which they may be obtained and kept in the rectum, they are common objects of homosexuality, both as representative Locks and to demonstrate cleanliness in anal penetration. The Samegai have a pointed head that is used to attract those of the opposite sex with one large apex at the peak, and curved edges. They are usually is 3-4 ft in height and 1-2 ft in length, but many others are much smaller, or much larger. Each has a single object known as a Lock that is used for vision, taste, smell, speach and hearing.

Early naturalists referred to Samegai as the narcissist fatassicus, after a Greek god who was in love with himself. The name "Samegame" was given to it by Paul J. Hennessy, from the English words "same" meaning identical, and "game", meaning a boisterous activity. Samegai are named such, because of a website "www.samegame.com" that was supposed to be created but was decided not to due to lack of funds. This site was eventually bought out by a search engine for a total of $100.00.
That Samegame sure is an amazing Flash animator...
by Samegame Lock March 03, 2006

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