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People that don't like AF, go get a life. AF is prob one of the coolest stores I have ever been to. Their clothes are so tight, and they make girls look hot, and confident. If you don't like AF, you have a problem, ohkay? Some say that AF gives girls bigger boobs, SO WHAT? and their clothes ARE NOT padded with bras, it's a girls choice to wear bras. So people stop bitchin' bout how AF clothes are slutty, maybe some peeps wanna look like sluts. You HAVE to wear a AF shirt, to know what it feels like.When you walk around, boys stare at you, when you bend down, everyone can see your boobs. This makes most girls feel really sexy and hot. Theres nothing wrong with that.
Sammi~"OMG!! I totally got Will to look at me today! When I walked by him, i purposefully dropped my pencil, and I bent down to get it, and Will looked right at my BOOBS!!!
Taylor~" Awesome!! Ok, you can't tell anyone, ohkay? After school, Nick invited me over to his house, and we had SEX!!! OMG!! His ass is so long and cool!! And I was wearing the really slutty Abercrombie shirt!!"
by Samantha Herbert March 24, 2008
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