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(uh-RACE-book) Alternate form of deletebook.
Frank: I asked Sue out in someone's comment-thread but I got nervous and deleted it.
Tim: Yo! She'll totally see it anyway even though you erasebooked it.
Frank: Oh, snap! Her boyfriend has nunchaku!
#facebook #deletebook #oh snap #pencil - case #graffilliterate
by Sam Weir May 06, 2010
deleting an embarrassing Facebook status-comment immediately after posting it, esp. as done by someone so clueless about Facebook as to not realize that everyone in that thread also received an e-mail about it. (Also, deletebooking or deletebooked.)
This is way too technical to have an even remotely funny example, e.g.:

Mayor McCheese's inbox: *From: Hamburgler to King* That Whopper was rad last night, holmes.

(the next morning:)

MMcC: Yo, Hamburgler, what were you doing at BK's last night, huh? That's not cool.

Hamburgler: What? What are you talking about?

MMcC: Don't think I don't know that you've been deletebooking, man!

Hamburgler: Oh, snap! You could see that? I deleted it!

(Mayor McCheese slaps Hamburgler)

#vaguebook #status updates #facebook #facebook stalking #totes mcgoats
by Sam Weir May 05, 2010
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