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2 definitions by Sam Hendrickson

One who is not keen on being straight or cool. Someone of complete and total gayness. A person who you cannot bare to talk to because their homosexuality reminds you of "Elton John and Liberachi sitting in a Hot Pink Cadillac, sucking the filling out of a crispy cream doughnut, while listening to a mix of Elton John's."
Adam: "Dude, did you talk to Andrew about not coming over?"
Sam: "I almost did, but he is just so gay I can't bring myself to speak with him"
Adam: "I know what you mean. He is such a dickwaggle."
by Sam Hendrickson November 02, 2007
A word used when speaking to or about someone of pure homosexuality. Also, see dickwaggle
Adam: "Dude wasn't Andrew making you mad today?"
Sam: "Yeah. I know. He was being such a freaking pusswiggle."
by Sam Hendrickson November 02, 2007