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To hit a woman square in the face (above the nose but below the forehead) so as to knock her out. This is to be done on ONLY one of these three conditions:
1.) Said woman comes at you with a knife in an attempt to kill you.
2.) Said woman points a gun at you.
3.) Said woman attempts to poison you by mixing the poison into your food or drink and you catch her and know that it is poison and not something else.

Once the "Bitch" is down, it is customary to phone the police and/or tie her up. Hitting her more than once in the face or in any other situation classifies you as a "Woman Beater".

"Put The Bitch Down" can be used in past or future tense.

NOTE The word "Bitch" is not used in this definition as an insult to women.
Past Tense

Example 1.) "She pointed my Desert Eagle at me, so I Put The Bitch down."

Future Tense

Example 2.) "If she comes at me with a knife, I'll have to Put The Bitch Down."
by Sam Douglas March 31, 2006
The Improper way of spelling /saying "Math". British people use it because the queen taught them. "Math" sounds better than "Maths" and if you do say the latter, you are VERY stupid because "Math" is ONE THING. A SUBJECT.
Brit:Im going off to maths now! Pip Pip Cheerio!
*Smart guy Shoots off Brit's Kneecap*
Smart Guy: You're an idiot. Im gonna make sure you do not contaminate the rest of the world by saying "Maths"!
*Smart guy shoots off Brit's balls*
Brit: Ill hang myself after Maths Cl...
*Smart Guy fires the rest of the clip into Brit's head*
by Sam Douglas July 05, 2005

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