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A medium sized town in Union County New Jersey. It was oringinally named Crane's Ford after the Crane family forded a river. The movie Guess Who was filmed here, as were many episodes of Nickelodeon's Pete and Pete. It can be accessed easily from exits 135, 136, and 137 on the parkway. It's high school is notorious for flagrant and excessive drug and alcohol use. It is nationally recognized with the Tree city USA award, honoring both a specific tree at Lincoln Park and the tree-lined streets. Some also believe this is a reference to the previously suggested drug use. It is home to over six miles of bicycle trails and is home to an historic house that was a stop on the underground railroad. Notable attractions in the town are the Town Washtub, where teens can be seen spinning around in the drying machines; The Rustic Mill, an overpriced diner; and the clock, the world's largest four-sided Rolex (The number 4 is represented IIII instead of IV). The town is home to 3 Dunkin' Donuts locations, 2 krauzers convienence stores, and an absurd amount of nail and hair salons and pizza parlors.
While being driven through central Jersey, the drug sniffing dogs went crazy because they had arrived in Cranford.
by Sam Ballen December 07, 2005

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