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A female adolescent, usually between the age of 15 and 25 (but most notorious in High Schools), whom bears an almost uniformic exterior appearance consisting of a basic fashion formula designed to include high visual contrast:
-artificially tan skin (usually orange-y)
-streaked or bleach blonde hair, or very dark hair
-possesses blue or light-colored eyes, indicating a recessive gene or colored contacts; can also be very dark-colored eyes
-bleached teeth
-wears light-colored clothes to pronounce contrast
-is of white ethnicity (in most cases)
-wears thick makeup
-wears form-fitting pants that show detailed form of lower body
-is able to make the f__king annoying "click-clack" sound with chewing gum
If there were no cookie-cutters in my school then I could've sworn that I saw the same person twenty times today in random locations.
by Salty Cracker February 16, 2005

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