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A Salvadorian cantina where you can salsa dance, drink mojitoes, and eat papusa's while meeting the gang including Forest before he has a few margaritas before picking someone up at the airport.
Hey, It's Forest. Wondering when you and the gang are going to meet at Glorgleegla's again? Everyone will be there.
#gloria's #cantina #watering hole #hoseface #dark chocolate
by Sally Slice April 29, 2009
A mammoth 8 foot tall European with 6 foot long legs. He drives the “mantis mobile” which is the size of a small house. When he walks the ground shakes and he can go the distance of a football field in two steps.
Jim: Was that an eclipse of the sun??
Bob: No, the Mantis just walked by.
#mantis mobile #mammoth #giant #gargantuan #tall ass dude
by Sally Slice May 01, 2009
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