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From the Latin term "Awesomus", meaning "Awesome" or "Rad".

Not to be confused with Chuck Norris or Steven Segal, Matthew is a different type of Superhero.

His gregarious nature and ridiculous good looks make him the subject of many womenfolk's desires and he is known for his sexual ability and stamina.

His sweet, caring nature is a virtue that he will extend to all friends around him and his looks cannot be surpassed but beware; when he's angry, he turns into an angry version of his good-looking self.

Not a Latte drinker but admired by metro-sexuals around the world, Matthew is a real world man, with real world man desires.
Guy: Look at the Matthew over there. I wish I was that rad.
Girl: Me too.

Girl 1: I can't believe it but I think I just saw a total Matthew
Girl 2: You did! I'm going to get his phone number!
by Sally Baker February 04, 2010

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