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A Notorious rapper endorsed by the Desert Warrior's recording company. Also known as Ozzie B Bobby. His accomplices are rappers Sa-DAMN and Ara-PHAT. Recently been involved with violence between the Bush family clan and according to him, he was simply a scapegoat for the 9/11 catastrophe. He denies any involvement in it. Known for his hit titles; 'Me and my A.k', 'Ozzie B in da house', 'I'm Arab, cant help bein fly'. 'Desert riders', 'Arabian nights' and 'Girls in Arabia.' and 'Desert Rose.' and 'A little bit of Saint and a lil bit of Sinner.' and 'Haters hatin makes me love ya.'

Used as an alternative for anything off the hook.
That party was Osama, man!


That shit is Osama Bin Laden!


You are the BinLaden man, this is so Osama.
by Salemcatdj December 26, 2008

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