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A alternate word to use instead of cussing
Insult meaning mean person, bitch, asshole
Also spelt Booger Head
Incorrect: My dog is boogerhead, not male!
Correct: He was being such a boogerhead to me.
Incorrect: Stop boogerheading me, etc
#mean #person #booger #head #bitch
by SakuraSaku October 26, 2007
1) To get in front of someone in line without there consent
2) To tear paper into pieces
Six boys cut me in line yesterday.
I cut a heart out of this blue construction paper.
#cut #cutting #cheating #assholes #smart
by SakuraSaku March 02, 2007
Another word for cool
Something better then cool
Totally kick ass
Kid: I hate your shoes!
Me: I don't! I think there awesome.
#awesome #cool #kick #ass #slang
by SakuraSaku October 18, 2006
MARY is the #699 most common male name.
0.009% of men in the US are named MARY.
Around 11025 US men are named MARY!

MARY is the #1 most common female name.
2.629% of females in the US are named MARY.
Around 3351975 US females are named MARY!

MARY is the #12571 most common last name.
0.001% of last names in the US are MARY.
Around 2500 US last names are MARY!
Kristen: Mary is my best friend!
Britney: You wish!
Kristen: Ya I know! Just kidding!
#mary #girl #name #female/male #people
by SakuraSaku October 28, 2006
1) To be romantic
2) Something that is romantic
3) Add a "s" and a "the" before it and get THE ROMANTICS= a band
I'm a hopeless romantic.
This is so romantic.
The romantics sing "What I like about you"!
#romantic #romatics #the #romance #people
by SakuraSaku October 28, 2006
A good channel on t.v.
Channel that has a slogan "Television for Women" however girls, women, men and boys can all enjoy.
I saw Cab To Canada last Saturday on Lifetime.
#good #tv #channel #chance #movies
by SakuraSaku June 28, 2007
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